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What's Bib Photo?

It is a Website for classification of videos and photos so they can be easily found by the participants of the Running events. We use an exclusive Website to integrate the race results with the images, and also we offer other options to publish the images.

The service includes:

  • Integration into social networks

  • Online store

  • Mailing of personalized images

BIBPHOTOWhat's about

Who is it for?

It is an online service and it is designed for professionals, as race timers or photographers or event organizers who provide services to sporting events that use a timekeeping system or its participants wear a visible bib number.

Benefits of incorporating a new image service.

Incorporating a quality image service, will improve its performance and relative position to your competitors also will increase your business opportunities.

The results page is the most visited by participants, followed by the photos and videos, when they are available. The spreading of images through social networks expands the scope of the event increasing the attractiveness for sponsors.

New revenue streams are opened:

  • Selling ad space to sponsors

  • Sale of images to athletes

  • Sale service to events

Advantages of using Bib Photo

Bib Photo offers advantages from its conception as a specialist for road racing running platform.


  • Download photos and videos

  • Selling options

  • Free choice of prices

  • Free choice of advertisers

  • Integration of race results

  • E-mail with personalized images

  • The videos can not be downloaded

  • You can not sell

  • Ads out of your control

  • Photos can not be integrated into a race results

  • No software investment

  • On demand payment

  • Servers ready for high demand

  • Development and maintenance

  • Expensive storage

  • Limited speed data transfer