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Required equipment:

Camera: You can use any type of camera that can record in HD for good quality images and preferably in H264 format *.mp4 in order to speed up the publishing process.​

Battery: The event can take several hours and we have to consider how to keep the the camera powered on. Example: spare batteries, external battery or any other power supply.

Tripod: The tripod is a necessary element as it is a long and stationary scene.


Recording point:

In order to get the best images, we recommend to place the camera in front of finish line at adequate distance.
To prevent other runners who have previously finished and obstructing the view of incoming runner, we recommend to lift up the camera at a height of over 2 meters. This can be achieved by placing a crane on the tripod or by installing it on a platform.


Recording way

The best way to recording is a recording without interruption from the first runner up to the last one, starting about 30 - 40 seconds before the first runner crosses the finish line.