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Add the image of your sponsor



To show the sponsor image over the photos, send us (use one of the event's codes) the image or text desired with a size 800 x 600 px. in *.png format with transparency.  


Choose one of these 2 options:

1. Show on-line the sponsor logo on the photo but with a clean download.

2. Insert the sponsor's logo in the downloaded photographs.

Protect your photos.
If you don't have an sponsor and you want to sell the photographs, you can add your personal watermark for protect them. By default, we will protect the photos with our mark. A watermark is a semi-transparent symbol, text, or pattern added to a photograph. Watermarks are a great way to add an extra measure of security to the display of your photos.



Send us a short video to promote your sponsors or your event.              (use one of the event's codes)
Pre Roll video in MyVideoFinish results:
This video is shown on-line every time an athlete watch its video result but offer a clean download.
We recommend not to make it longer than 10 seconds according to the video result time duration.


Video in MyVideoFinish Results

General video:
You can send us a promoting video or the link if it is already published in YouTube.

It will be shown in MyVideoFinish page results and MyVideoFinish upcoming events.